RGB MAXX 6 Feet LED Light Bar


The new RGB MAXX™, is a high-power, color changing, LED light, designed and built for the car wash industry. The innovative design features a wireless remote control and creates intense light effects with multiple color options. Engineered and manufactured in the US, the RGB Maxx is built to last in the harsh car wash environment and features an IP68 waterproof rating and patented seamless chemical resistant housing.

Programmable Color Changing

Create intense light effects with full spectrum color options and built-in color changing lighting shows.

Simple Wireless Control

A powerful, wireless, high-quality, RF remote provides complete and simple control.

Compact High Output Design

Engineered around the latest in LED technology to achieve a low-profile 2in design. The end result is a strong, compact luminaire that is installation friendly and packs a punch with 350W of LED power.

Superior Waterproof and Chemical Resistance

A seamless copolyester out shell provides IP68 ingress protection (1500 PSI) along with extreme chemical resistance.

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