Mr. Foamer is a leader in car wash marketing and equipment. Proudly based in south Florida, we are driven by a passion to create high-end, custom designs that exceed expectations. We deliver, every time.


Mr. Foamer Inc. was established to offer the best, most innovative car wash equipment in the industry. We pride ourselves on putting the needs and wants of our customers and distributors first.

Our products are manufactured in Stuart, Florida. Our generator bodies are molded out of PVC in the U.S., and are very different from our competition. In fact, we are the only company in the car wash industry to mold generators out of PVC plastic. In addition, we do not glue off-the-shelf parts together. Our generator bodies feature a completely molded body and stainless steel ¼″ female pipe thread inserts for the incredible chemical resistance. Our products come with a lifetime guarantee. 


We are extremely excited to offer complete site signage. There should always be choices when it comes to meeting your signage needs. With this in mind, we can produce any custom or branded signage. From Wind Master inserts to full blown LED signs and marketing, let us make your creative concept a reality.

Our pride and joy is our Foaminator System. Not only can this system give you the best possible sheet style application, it can quickly be converted to an incredible coverage Rain style unit. The Rain style is great for full coverage while reducing chemical cost. The Foaminator can be used in tunnels and can be fitted onto almost all In-Bay Automatics. Click here for more info.

Installation & Support

Whether you need to upgrade, refresh, or a completely overhaul of your marketing with new lights, signage, and foamed application, Mr. Foamer supports you every step of the way. From initial design to delivery and installation, our team coordinates every detail. Available preventive maintenance programs for your entire equipment package ensure your car wash business is ready to impress with a customer experience that sets you apart from the competition.


We currently have over 100 distributors throughout the world. We pride ourselves on working hard and doing whatever it takes to make our customers and distributors happy.

Mr. Foamer was founded on three principles: SAVE YOU MONEY, MAKE YOU MONEY, AND MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER!