Instruction Sign Slim LED Illuminated


Your services in a better light! With a Sectional confirmation sign, customers will see their chosen services light up to build their confidence that they are getting what they paid for! The background of the graphic is lit by ultra bright LEDs and the confirmation circle is lit by a bright strobe light. For a Car Wash with no attendants or a limited number, let the sign do the communication for you.

Square Corners. LED Illuminated confirmation sign features: Standard style with square corners. Includes up to 4 sections of instructions. Ultra bright LED modules, Polyurethane epoxy finished cabinet, choice of (black, silver, red, yellow, blue, green) Single pedestal mount 32in ground clearance or swivel wall mount.


Design Custom Design Included in Price
Dimensions 24in W x 48in H x 4.5in D
Mounting 32in ground clearance or swivel wall mount
Voltage 100~240 VAC. Water-Proof Power Supply
Material Baked enamel finish

  • Includes Custom Design Services

    Your sign will be custom-designed to match your car wash brand .

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