Confirmation Slim LED 6 Section w/Strobes


Customers will see their chosen services light up to build their confidence that they are getting what they paid for!  Let the sign do the communication for you.

  • Slim style = Square corners.
  • Graphic background is lit by ultra bright LEDs.
  • Confirmation circle is lit by a bright strobe light.
  • Measures 24in W x 48in H


Design Custom Design Included in Price
Dimensions 24in W x 48in H x 4.5in D
Mounting 32in ground clearance or swivel wall mount
Voltage 100~240 VAC. Water-Proof Power Supply
Material Baked enamel finish
  • Includes 4 up to 9 Strobes available

  • Includes Custom Design Services

    Your sign will be custom-designed to match your car wash brand . Choose from custom messages, promotions, instructions and more!