Traffic Fixture Slim 2 Section


Incorporate your brand’s mascot or colors into an LED Traffic Fixture making for an even more memorable experience. Our lit traffic fixtures are super-bright and highly visible, even in direct sunlight. The indicator lights are available with flashing a single message on and off to improve customer experience and ultimately aid in decreasing overall confusion. Reduce service times and create a wash experience that exceeds expectations.

LED strobes and ultra bright LED clusters.
Dimensions for 2 section: 18in W x 18in H x 4.5in D
Voltage; 100~240 VAC. Baked enamel finished cabinet, choice of (black, silver, red, yellow, blue, green).

Mounting pedestal with 36in ground clearance.

  • Includes Custom Design Services

    Your sign will be custom-designed to match your car wash brand .


Additional Info

Additional information


Please fill out the form and upload your custom files. Please sure to have your custom design images ready.

Colors Available

red, blue, yellow, green, white