Foaminator Maxx Triple Fusion Delivery Options

  • Apply six sections of colored foam
  • (6) Foam Inlets deliver three foam colors in an alternating pattern
  • 166 separate zero-degree streams of foam directed to vehicles
  • (3) Air flow control valves for precise calibration
  • Includes (3) patented Twist N Kleen® Foam Generators
  • Includes (2) easy mount brackets

Hardware Features

Easier air adjustment

Molded design

Cleanouts for easy maintenance

Better/faster mounting system

Faster Full Triple Fusion Performance

  • More Efficient Dispensing
  • Consistent Performance
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Withstands High Air Turbulence
  • Very Compact Design

(6) Inlets for TRIPLE FUSION.
Delivers three foam colors in an alternating pattern