INFINITI Limitless Possibilities
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Transform Your Tunnel Into a Light Show Like No Other

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The Ultimate Customer Experience

More colors! More control! Create an unrivaled customer experience with powerful light shows!

INFINITI lighting control system is purpose-built for the car wash environment. The dramatic arch lighting effects with full spectrum mood lighting and ambient white lighting creates a thrilling, vibrant show – all synchronized from a single controller.

Infinite Colors and Effects!

Create light effects for holidays, special events, and promotions.

How it Works:

INFINITI - How It Works
3 Year Warranty - UL - Made in USA


Built-in Timer and Dimming

Control the lighting levels at night or during non-business hours

Completely Synchronized Lighting

Sync all of your tunnel and arch lighting with a single controller

Extensive Light Shows

Pre-programmed and purpose-built for car wash tunnels and in-bays

Plug & Play Wiring System

Patented system for simple, fast and professional installation

Over-the-Air Software Updates

Automatically receive software updates that add new features and enhance existing ones

Full Service Support

Dedicated technical support team

4ft and 8ft - Infinite Colors and Effects!