Raise Your Average Ticket Value.

We create engaging menu designs that leverage expertly-crafted graphics that demonstrate true value and compel your customers to purchase your top package(s) and/or manager’s special.


Create a Unique Experience.

Your menu experience will be custom-designed to match your car wash brand and take your message one step further with graphics that reinforce value and show customers what they can expect when they enter your tunnel.


Be More Market Responsive.

We quickly design high-quality menus to match any season, promotion or event. Deploy multiple menu styles across as many sites as you like, and maintain your edge over the competition.

Digital Design Services

Share the basics

Get perfect visibility day or night with an auto-brightness sensor that adjusts from 200 nit to 3,000 nit with reflection-cancelling polarized sunglass support.

Highly Durable

Engineered to thrive in extreme conditions, Sonny’s digital menu is impact-resistant and has true IP56 waterproofing to ensure higher levels of ingress defense.

Digital Design

Our team creates highly effective, captivating digital menu experiences – let us create one for you that incorporates your brand, style, and drives sales.

About the Process

Step 1: Share the basics

We’ll ask you basic questions such as:

  • Is this a new or existing car wash business?
  • Where is your car wash located?
  • What is the name of your business?

Step 2: Describe Your Wash Mix

Share an existing menu or let us know how many packages you’d like to promote on your first menu design, and what’s included in each package. If you have a manager’s special, tell us whether you’d like to include it on a menu “fold”.

Step 3: Review

We’ll create a menu for you to view within one week. Provide us any feedback that’s deemed necessary.

Step 4: Deploy Your Menu!

Once you approve your menu design, we’ll ship your menu!