Common Specs & options

Design Custom Design Included in Price
Lighting Options Fully Lit LED Backlit Includes up to 4 Strobes and 20 Turbo Lights
Non-Lit Includes up to 20 Turbo Lights
Dimensions Outside: 115inH x 161inW
Inside: 94inH x 121inW
Voltage 100~240 VAC. Water-Proof Power Supply
Cabinet 5 piece Die Cut, Instruction, Confirmation, Top Center and Corners
Mounting Aluminum Urethane Coated

Arch Easy Mount Attachments

Foaminator MAXX Sheet Assembly

Foaminator MAXX Stream Assembly

InBay Foaminator 70″ Sheet Kit

RGB Maxx 6ft LED Light Bar

Includes Custom Design Services

Your arch will be custom-designed to match your car wash brand . Choose from custom messages, confirmation, instructions and more! If you can dream it we can do it.

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